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          Take the best travel guides about Barcelona with you wherever you go

          Download an app for every occasion to your mobile device: if you’re new to the city, if you’re looking for a place to eat, if you’re a fan of architecture or history, this is the best way to get to know Barcelona at your own pace.


          Barcelona’s official restaurant guide published by Turisme de Barcelona. This app features a selection of 170 of the city’s top-quality restaurants which offer an affordable dining experience.

          With the ssr节点购买网址 app you’ll be able to perform cross-referenced searches according to different selection criteria, find detailed information about each restaurant, find the location of the restaurant, share the location of the restaurant with your contacts and suggest meeting i bookmark your favourite restaurants.



          The Official Guide to Barcelona on your smartphone, another city idea to provide interactive tourist information, easily and rapidly. The application is available for iPhones and Android and the content is in Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

          The Turisme de Barcelona and Triangle Postals guide includes navigation lists for areas of interest, by category, important information, practical data and photos. The app also has visualisation of location maps, which is very useful to design a made-to-measure route.



          Gaudí BCN offers you more than an hour of audio content so that you can discover the important legacy of the modernista landmarks Antoni Gaudí bequeathed to Barcelona. Five of them have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites and include the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and the Casa Batlló. You can visit them at your own pace in the company of Morid, an architect and interior designer from Barcelona who will give you an insight into Gaudí’s courage and originality.

          Each chapter focuses on a Gaudí landmark and also features specific chapters about the architect himself and the Catalan art nouveau movement, modernisme. The descriptions are accompanied by music and sound effects, the text version of the audio content, more than 200 photos of the places to visit, as well as practical information about how to get to the buildings, admission prices, opening times and their geolocation with Google Maps. GaudíBCN can also be used off line.

          If you like Gaudí, this is a must-have app!



          Medieval BCN offers you audio content so that you can discover the medieval architecture – both Romanesque and Gothic – of Barcelona’s golden age. This was a period commencing in the 12th century when Barcelona dominated a large area of the Mediterranean, including such distant places as Sicily and Athens, and was an important trading centre in the Mediterranean. You can visit the featured landmarks at your own pace in the company of Jordi, an architect and interior designer from Barcelona, who will give you an insight into Barcelona’s prominence as a maritime power through its valuable medieval heritage.

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          If you want to discover Barcelona’s medieval history, this is a must-have app!


          22@Barcelona features more than one hour of audio content about Barcelona’s most recent large-scale urban planning project. The audioguide takes you through a historic industrial neighbourhood that has been transformed into an area of urban and environmental quality and a knowledge and innovation hub. Enjoy the tour at your own pace, accompanied by Jordi, an architect and interior designer from Barcelona, who will help you discover the innovation district.

          Each chapter of the audioguide is devoted to a building, precinct or part of the district which encapsulate one of the three core areas of the 22@ project: Historic and artistic heritage and urban innovation, Technological and business innovation and Public and cultural spaces.

          The descriptions are accompanied by music and sound effects, some 150 photos of the places on the route, practical information about visiting the buildings, opening times and their Google Maps geolocation. The 22@Barcelona audioguide can also be used without an internet connection.

          If you want to discover a new city model, this is a must-have app!



          Official audioguide. With Barcelona MetroWalks we invite you to discover a series of closely connected neighbourhoods beyond the city centre. By combining the metro and other public transport (bus or tram), and walking routes, you’ll be able to discover Barcelona from an insider’s point of view: its neighbourhoods, its history, its urban development… like a local and at your own pace.

          This app contains a map of Barcelona featuring each route to help you get your bearings and find the areas you want to visit.
          You’ll also find the location of the points of interest and the route you have to follow to get to them.

          When you are approaching each point, a descriptive audio track will play automatically. There are also photos to enable you to identify the places on the route as well as information about opening times, if there is an admission charge, and the services theyoffer.

          Internet connection not required.

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